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final print ISSUES


Cover Vol. XXIIIV No. 2

La Belle dame sans ‘Merci’  by EH. Punch 
7 December 1895
See pp. 61–66

Cover Vol. XXIIIV No. 3

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This months feature is The whole of the final print Issue of the British Art Journal


2 | William MB Berger Prize 2023: Winner

3 | Sophie Rhodes
‘Translated into English Lymning’
The cabinet miniature copies of Peter Oliver (c1589–1647)

16 | Martin Postle
‘A simple domestic character’
A study by Thomas Lawrence (1769–1830) for George IV in private dress

23 | Tom Hockenhull
Designs for coins and medals by William Wyon (1795–1851) and his circle

36 | Peter S Forsaith
‘An odd purchase now and then’
The picture collection of James Everett (1784–1872)

43 | James DW Church
‘Took the Jurors by Storm’
William Orpen, the Carnegie Institute and American Art (1910–1915)

50 | David Platzer
Harold Acton Part VI

57 | Rina Arya
Bacon’s beasts
The pathos of the animal in the art of Francis Bacon (1909–1982)

61 | Ed Lilley
Problems in picturing Keats’s La Belle Dame sans Merci

67 | Clive J Easter
The monument to Penelope Boothby in St Oswald’s, Ashbourne

71 | John Eglin
Girolama Piccolomini’s portrait of James Boswell

73 | Geoffrey Munn
New light on Dadd
George Bailey (1821–1898) by Richard Dadd (1817–86)

77 | Peter Cormack
Martin Ferguson Smith
The Artist Helen Coombe (1864–1937).
The Tragedy of Roger Fry’s Wife



2 | Copyright

3 | Peter Humfrey
The picture collections of the poet Samuel Rogers (1763–1855) and his siblings

17 |  Peter Jones
A neglected little gem of 1946’
Clausentum by John Arlott (1914–1991) and Michael Ayrton (1921–1975)

27 | Philip McEvansoneya
Estella Solomons (1882–1968) and the Irish contribution to the Artists’ Refugee Committee

33 | Iain Macdonald
William Alister Macdonald (1861–1956) of Scotland and Tahiti
A portrait of the artist in the third age

44 | William Chubb
Mendelssohn and Sophocles
Victoria and Albert’s sixth wedding anniversary

47 |  Charles Raab
The discovery of two portrait drawings by the young Thomas Lawrence (1769–1830)

49 | Alexander Marr
Holbein’s earliest portraits in England?
The sequence of his work for Sir Thomas More

58 |  Allister Neher
Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786–1846) and the ‘Illustrious’ John Bell
The anatomical foundations of the Lectures on Painting and Design

67 | Robert LS Cowley
William Hogarth’s personal ‘Erewhon’
A search for the ‘Guzzledown’ of his Election series

74 | Robin Simon
Giotto, Caravaggio, Gainsborough, Reynolds, and the Purkinje Shift