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The British Art Journal is published three times a year. It was founded in Autumn 1999, with two issues in the first volume, but there have been three in each volume since then. The volumes appear annually, although in practice the issues may run over into a following calendar year, which does not affect the subscription entitlement of three issues per subscription.

Editor: Robin Simon

Art Director: David N Hodgson

Associate Editor (Reviews): Simon Poë

Associate Editor (Books): Martin Hopkinson

Consultant Editor (USA): John Wilson

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Cover Cockerel, 2003. by Paul Rudall. Charcoal on paper. Private collection, London

See ‘Paul Rudall (1921–2012) and Modern British art in the mid-20th century’ on pp44–53

This months featured article is Harold Acton Part IIA child at La Pietra by David Platzer on pp 74-82



2 | The Berger Prize: Long list


3 | Anne Casement
The life and work of the Victorian society painter James Godsell Middleton (1805/?2–1874)

16 | Emily Learmont
Una and the Lion by William Bell Scott (1811–90)

Poetry and patriotism

26 | John Lucey
Confusion and correction
The life and works of JS Alpenny né Halfpenny (1786–1858)

34 | Patricia R Andrew
‘A coarse kind of man, but ready in practise, – too ready’
John Rathbone (c1750-1807), the ‘Manchester Wilson’, and his circle

44 | Paula J Rudall
A Corsham flavour
Paul Rudall (1921–2012) and Modern British art in the mid-20th century

54 | Amandine Victoria Didouan
Déjà-vu at Welbeck and Wimpole
Rediscovering an Englishman’s 17th-century manège horses and grooms

65 | Lyrica Taylor
Climbing the Royal Academy ladder
The portraits of artists by JF Rigaud (1742–1810) as ‘a mark of friendship

74 | David Platzer
Harold Acton Part II
A child at La Pietra


83 | Thomas Tuohy
Adriano Aymonino
Enlightened Eclecticism. The Grand Designs of the 1st Duke and Duchess of Northumberland


92 |  Jeremy Bell  William Hogarth’s Copycats
92 |  David Stacey Art and Industry: Seven Artists in search of an Industrial Revolution in Britain


93 | Nicola Moorby
‘Walter Sickert’
Tate Britain 28 April–18 September 2022