The British Art Journal has now ceased printed publication (at Volume XXIV, No. 3), owing to the retirement of the editor.


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To publish outstanding original research on British art (interpreted in the widest sense), adopting all approaches to the discipline, and with a particular view to seeing British art in a wider international context. To encourage and support the work of younger scholars.
Main articles are usually 3,000 – 7,500 words, but it is a policy of the journal to consider longer articles up to 20,000 words; shorter articles up to 3,000 words.
Research articles will be refereed.

Editorial Board

Dr Martin Postle
Paul Mellon Centre for
Studies in British Art, London
Professor Allen Staley
Columbia University, New York

Emeritus Professor William Pressly
University of Maryland
Professor Emeritus Aileen Ribeiro
Professor Emeritus David Bindman

Graham Beal
Healdsburg CA
Olivier Meslay
Clark Art Institute, Williamstown MA

Professor Linda Colley
Princeton University

Professor Christopher Brown

Dr Timothy Standring
Denver Art Museum

Professor Michael JK Walsh
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professsor Paul Binski
University of Cambridge
Sir Charles Saumarez Smith
Professor Edward Chaney
Southampton Institute
Professor Emeritus Duncan Macmillan
Professor Tim Barringer
Yale University
Professor Pamela Gerrish Nunn
Christchurch, New Zealand
Sir Timothy Clifford

Dr Simon Thurley


Not less than 88pp editorial plus advertising, art gloss paper 130 gsm in black and white and colour; cover 300 gsm two-colour laminated gloss; perfect bound.

Staff and publication details

The British Art Journal is published three times a year. It was founded in Autumn 1999, with two issues in the first volume, but there have been three in each volume since then. The volumes appear annually, although in practice the issues may run over into a following calendar year, which does not affect the subscription entitlement of three issues per subscription.

Editor: Robin Simon

Art Director: David N Hodgson

Associate Editor (Reviews): Simon Poë

Associate Editor (Books): Martin Hopkinson

Consultant Editor (USA): John Wilson

Advertising: David N Hodgson

final print ISSUES


Cover Vol. XXIIIV No. 2

La Belle dame sans ‘Merci’  by EH. Punch 
7 December 1895
See pp. 61–66

Cover Vol. XXIIIV No. 3

An Illustration of all 71 covers of The British Art Journal

This months feature is The whole of the final print Issue of the British Art Journal


2 | William MB Berger Prize 2023: Winner

3 | Sophie Rhodes
‘Translated into English Lymning’
The cabinet miniature copies of Peter Oliver (c1589–1647)

16 | Martin Postle
‘A simple domestic character’
A study by Thomas Lawrence (1769–1830) for George IV in private dress

23 | Tom Hockenhull
Designs for coins and medals by William Wyon (1795–1851) and his circle

36 | Peter S Forsaith
‘An odd purchase now and then’
The picture collection of James Everett (1784–1872)

43 | James DW Church
‘Took the Jurors by Storm’
William Orpen, the Carnegie Institute and American Art (1910–1915)

50 | David Platzer
Harold Acton Part VI

57 | Rina Arya
Bacon’s beasts
The pathos of the animal in the art of Francis Bacon (1909–1982)

61 | Ed Lilley
Problems in picturing Keats’s La Belle Dame sans Merci

67 | Clive J Easter
The monument to Penelope Boothby in St Oswald’s, Ashbourne

71 | John Eglin
Girolama Piccolomini’s portrait of James Boswell

73 | Geoffrey Munn
New light on Dadd
George Bailey (1821–1898) by Richard Dadd (1817–86)

77 | Peter Cormack
Martin Ferguson Smith
The Artist Helen Coombe (1864–1937).
The Tragedy of Roger Fry’s Wife



2 | Copyright

3 | Peter Humfrey
The picture collections of the poet Samuel Rogers (1763–1855) and his siblings

17 |  Peter Jones
A neglected little gem of 1946’
Clausentum by John Arlott (1914–1991) and Michael Ayrton (1921–1975)

27 | Philip McEvansoneya
Estella Solomons (1882–1968) and the Irish contribution to the Artists’ Refugee Committee

33 | Iain Macdonald
William Alister Macdonald (1861–1956) of Scotland and Tahiti
A portrait of the artist in the third age

44 | William Chubb
Mendelssohn and Sophocles
Victoria and Albert’s sixth wedding anniversary

47 |  Charles Raab
The discovery of two portrait drawings by the young Thomas Lawrence (1769–1830)

49 | Alexander Marr
Holbein’s earliest portraits in England?
The sequence of his work for Sir Thomas More

58 |  Allister Neher
Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786–1846) and the ‘Illustrious’ John Bell
The anatomical foundations of the Lectures on Painting and Design

67 | Robert LS Cowley
William Hogarth’s personal ‘Erewhon’
A search for the ‘Guzzledown’ of his Election series

74 | Robin Simon
Giotto, Caravaggio, Gainsborough, Reynolds, and the Purkinje Shift